Nobly has entered the SKI 02.06 agreement

The state and Kommunernes Indkøbsservice have approved Nobly and therefore we can now offer procurement on the 02.06 agreement.

Nobly can now offer purchases on the new SKI 02.06 agreement.

Nobly has been selected as a supplier on the SKI framework agreement 02.06 and can deliver ECM, ESDH solutions, and consulting tasks etc. to the public.

We see great potential in supporting public institutions and authorities with “best in breed” digitization solutions and ensuring that these are implemented efficiently and professionally.
The great interest in Nobly and the solutions we provide is supported by the report prepared by Devoteam, where Nobly is assessed to provide the best solutions in the ESDH and ECM area.

Read more about the Devoteam report here:

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