Visma increases security and minimizes processing time with OnBase

As a provider of online invoicing- and debt-collection services, Visma Collectors AS receives large amounts of physical letter mail every day, which contains person sensitive data. This places great demands on the time-consuming handling of the documents. The implementation of OnBase has reduced the handling time per letter with 70% and has digitized the archiving process 100%.

Norwegian Visma Collectors AS provides invoicing- and debt-collection services to private and public companies. This means that large amounts of sensitive letter mail are received daily from customers, authorities, debitors, and creditors. Previously, 4-5 annual work units were spent on handling the received mail, which must legally be answered within 2 days of receipt. It could be a challenge to meet this deadline, just as mail could be lost or risk being freely presented to the individual caseworker. On this basis, the management decided to streamline and digitize the handling of the incoming mail.

“We wanted to outsource the process to an external partner, who had to ensure that safety, efficiency, and punctuality were top notch. We contacted Iron Mountain, who in collaboration with Nobly introduced us to the ECM-solution OnBase. It was the perfect solution from the start – a really good match”, says Thomas Skjørten, Head of Business Development at Visma Collectors AS.

An efficient and safe solution

Based on a thorough analysis of the internal business procedures, Nobly provided a tailor-made solution where Iron Mountain is responsible for scanning the mail directly to OnBase. In the individual letter, information such as reference, case and personal identity number is automatically identified, and the letter is categorized and archived correctly in the system.

In this way, the handling time has been reduced from 4-5 annual work units to approximately 2 annual work units at Visma.

“The solution has reduced the handling of physical mail by 100%, and reduced the processing time on the individual documents by an average of 70%. It is financially a big gain for us. All caseworkers can easily find documents, as everything is logically categorized and archived in OnBase. In the past, we could see that we did not respond in a timely manner to a document because it had not been registered in our system. Now we can fully comply with all our internal guidelines and legal requirements as no record is lost in this system. It is also a great benefit for us that OnBase is GDPR approved. We no longer have letters lying around with the individual caseworkers, as all physical mail is destroyed after scanning and archiving in OnBase. Here, the documents are also automatically deleted when the case has been processed. It has traditionally been a huge challenge, which has now been solved, ”says Thomas Skjørten.

Easy to customize

When several vital IT systems in an organization have to talk to each other, it is typically an expensive and time-consuming process that can end up providing rigid solutions. One of the great advantages of OnBase is that it does not affect the core system, but can be easily integrated and tailored to the needs of the individual company. As an IT-supplier, Nobly has been responsible for adapting to the current business processes as well as training select employees who have been driving the process.

“OnBase has been easy to adapt to our existing systems. We use, for example the Actic debt-collection system, where we previously had to spend 4-5 clicks on forwarding a document for legal processing. Nobly developed a “quick button” in OnBase, which forwards via 1 click. In general, it is my experience that OnBase is a very configurable solution where it is easy to add buttons. It saves us a lot of programming time,” states Thomas Skjørten.

Phase 1, which included the digitization of the incoming mail, is now so well established in the organization that Visma Collectors has now begun to look forward to the next phase:

“All our employees have received OnBase very well, which has become a natural part of the workday. It is the employees who are the driving force in the process, and they are happy to be able to work more efficiently with the cases. The employees are our most important ambassadors for our services, and they look forward to getting started with phase 2, which includes outbound communication. All the documents that we produce internally and send out must also be stored in OnBase in the long run to provide the optimal work flow. For example, customers must be able to sign documents digitally when they have received a notification that they are ready online. This in turn must help to ensure that sensitive personal data and case history are processed correctly and automatically deleted when the loan is paid off and the case is closed. It is my expectation that this integration will streamline treatment time by an additional 20%,” estimates Thomas Skjørten.

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