Nobly gets a new visual identity

Nobly launches a new visual identity that draws a new website and a new logo.

At eye level with customers

As part of a longer growth journey, Nobly has now chosen to change its visual identity to a more modern and contemporary design with increased focus on customers. A greater focus on speaking to the customers’ worlds shows that Nobly has changed course, become more independent, and detaches itself more from just talking Hyland technology. With less focus on Hyland’s technological solutions, Nobly can quickly reach the industries of intended focus – where most people feel at home.

“Basically, our new website and changed visual identity is about talking at eye level with our customers. Instead of emphasizing a more technical introduction and review of Hyland’s platform and solutions, we want to reflect the challenges that specific industries are working on. Customers must find inspiration and answers to their challenges on our website. ” argues Thomas Varen, sales director at Nobly.

An ambitious growth journey

In the next 3 years, Nobly is facing a very ambitious growth journey, where there is a strong focus on three specific industries which Nobly is currently collaborating with.

“Most sales begin long before customers physically contact Nobly. We need to make ourselves much more relevant before the dialogue itself starts. We do this by opening up three universes – 3 industrial verticals; Banking/Finance, Insurance/Pension and Health. ” explains Thomas Varen.

When you as a customer at Nobly enter Nobly’s website, it must quickly be possible to dive deeper into the various industries. Here, customers must be able to find ideas and inspiration from other customers which tell about a similar or a completely different challenge that has been solved for them.

“Our customers will of course be able to read and see our assessment of the industry’s general situation, challenges and opportunities. For example, many financial institutions are struggling to streamline the entire money laundering process. The size and topicality of that problem means that Nobly must have an idea for a technological solution to this problem, which we of course also have – it should just be easy for our customers to find the information and knowledge about how Nobly solves it. ” explains Thomas Varan.

Nobly’s new website will be an important focal point for customers and a platform with many new initiatives – for example with the opportunity to attend various events and webinars. A focus on being relevant to the industry will be the source for building Noble’s future visions and solutions to the industry-specific issues.

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