The Nobly team thank you for a great year and look forward to seeing you in 2023

Nobly has experienced a record year in terms of turnover and new hires. With the establishment of a new market in 2023, and the consolidation of existing ones, Jesper Frank (CEO) has high expectations.

CEO in Nobly, Jesper Frank at Nobly Talks 2022

“The year 2022 is the year we have grown our business the most,” says Jesper Frank, who has been CEO of Nobly since 2020. This year, the company will round a turnover of more than 50 million kroner.

The main explanation, according to Jesper Frank, is that Nobly restructured its business strategy at the end of 2021 to focus on areas where it can create the most value for the customers. Two main areas of focus were determined by the strategy: the financial market and public health. Consequently, there has been a stronger focus on the dialogue with customers and a strengthened structure in the delivery of projects.

“The many internal changes we implemented in our organisation in 2021 have created the foundation for us to grow the way we did,” Jesper Frank says.

Growth across the board

Many companies have experienced major challenges related to the pandemic and, in addition, it is generally difficult to attract qualified staff in the IT industry. Despite this, Nobly has been able to successfully recruit 15 new colleagues over the past year in both Denmark and Norway.

“I’m really proud of the combination of having succeeded to onboard many new, skilled colleagues, while at the same time creating revenue growth without negatively impacting our bottom line,” Jesper Frank says.

Furthermore, he highlights the fact that Nobly has succeeded in creating an attractive work-life balance with a high degree of flexibility among employees, which has strengthened the workplace satisfaction even more.

Customer security

Nobly has experienced an important transformation in general, where the company has shifted its focus from being an time-based business to delivering value-generating solutions.

“Our new approach provides us with a completely different expression when we go out to the customers with specific solutions that we know will work and make a big difference because we have delivered them in similar organisations,” Jesper Frank says.

As a software and consultancy company, it is also crucial to be able to provide customers with security. As a result, Nobly has now completed a comprehensive ISAE 3000 process for the second time, resulting in a compliance declaration in relation to GDPR and IT security, prepared by EY.

“In our industry, there is naturally a huge focus on GDPR and IT security, and many of our customers consider our solutions as critical outsourcing. Therefore, we need to be highly compliant in terms of security. It gives the customers a lot of reassurance that they know they can count on Nobly as their supplier,” says Jesper Frank.

Important to give something back

The year 2022 was also the first time Nobly invited their customers to the company’s own conference called Nobly Talks.

“We’ve built a good customer foundation, and that provides a basis for doing activities that are targeted towards our customers. Therefore, we decided to invite to Nobly Talks this year to give something back to our customers and involve them even more,” says Jesper Frank.

During Nobly Talks, the customers both obtained insights within Nobly and external insights into different areas that are highly relevant to the customers. This included presentations from customers as well as this year’s Key Note Speaker, Kyle Blair, who leads the Global FSI Practice at Hyland.

“Our conference was very well received and I’m sure Nobly Talks will become a recurring event that grows in size each year. At the same time, I am very proud of how our organization executed the conference. Everything went extremely well,” says Jesper Frank.

New opportunities in the new year

It has been a great year for Nobly, and therefore Jesper Frank also has high expectations for 2023, as he looks forward to welcoming new customers. For example, Nobly is expanding to Finland in 2023, where the primary focus will be on public health.

“There are a lot of interesting opportunities in the Finnish market that suit our solutions perfectly,” says Jesper Frank.

While the market potential for Nobly in both Finland and Sweden is huge, according to Jesper Frank there is still a lot of potential for Nobly in Denmark and Norway. The focus will continue to be the financial segment and public health, on which Nobly is working strategically towards its continued growth journey.

Nobly wishes all customers and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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