Nobly Talks

Physical event at Hotel Scandic Sluseholmen, Copenhagen


Nobly Talks

Entirely new and more powerful chaff winds have created major problems for consumers, the Government and the business community. Pandemics, skyrocketing inflation, conflicts in Europe, etc. have put the existing framework and conditions for profitability under pressure. Demographic change reinforces the problems and challenges the resilience and social safety net of the public sector.

Data and information is at the heart of all decisions, but most of our data produced in the world is unstructured. Thankfully OnBase captures, manage and use unstructured information to deliver insight and decision support.

100 invited – 1 capital

2 days – 10 speakers

10 sessions

Opportunity: Networking

Output: Priceless

Kyle Blair, Leader, Global FSI Practice, Hyland

Keynote Speaker (EN)

Session Title:

Innovation (Culture) Starts with Your Team


Demand for customer-centric work flows (expectations) now outpace the ability for Financial Services organisations to keep up. Combine this with new challenges like employee retention and motivation and we face the perfect storm to limit your innovation (and growth) potential. Kyle Blair from Hyland will share recent strategies peer organisations apply to build an innovation culture and smarter work environment to elevate the customer and employee experience with technology.

KeyNote Agenda:

1. Two key words: innovation, culture

2. FSIs are focused [here] to maximise value/impact

3. Spoiler: It’s your PEOPLE that provide differentiation

4. Session summary and wrap-up (3 key reminders for success)

About our Speaker:

Kyle leads Hyland’s Global FSI Practice in EMEA and APAC regions. A 20+ year veteran in Content Services and Digital Business Platforms, Kyle has led and/or sponsored Hyland projects across the world in Europe, North America, South America and Australia giving him a unique perspective that translates beyond local borders.

Speeddating sessions

At our physical event, Nobly Talks at Hotel Scandic Sluseholmen, you will get to meet leading experts from Nobly and Hyland during 8 different speed dating sessions. A speeddating session is a 30-minute presentation on a specific topic by a specialist in the field, including personalising customer communications, streamlining document management and automating resource-intensive tasks. These improvements are all aimed at making complex workflows easier and more efficient, boosting profits.

Kyle Blair, Leader, Global FSI Practice, Hyland

Staying ahead with digitization in the financial sector? (EN)

Experiences from a global industry expert.

Insurtechs are squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current insurance industry model and finding new ways to disrupt and allowing products to be priced more competitively. However, the solution for the old players can be found in the field of digitization.

Henri Conradsen, Chief Consultant

Effective and individual Customer Communications (DK)

Enable the business digital platform to embrace customer communication. Saving significantly amount of time but most of all – having the ability to contact selected or all customer in record time. Time is money, and time to market in king.

Kenneth Wie Eriksen, Country Manager NO

Get ahead of GDPR. Enable automation. (NO)

Many organizations have developed manual and/or complex processes to meet the GDPR requirements. But there is another and easier way to get ahead of the challenges – take advantage of the built-in functionality in OnBase. Learn how to get started.

Claus Heuck, Market Manager, Insurance and Pension

Power up Claim Management and boost customer satisfaction

Some insource the services, others are getting help from external partners. But either way – the process is complex and often contains incomplete information, and thus waiting time for the end customer. Digitization can create better conditions for error-free processes.

Christoffer Nielsen, Market Manager, Banking and Finance

AML on steroids (DK)

Everyone seems to agree on one thing. The devil in the detail, and that there is no upper limit to how far the authorities want to go, thereby imposing more tasks on the financial sector. The task of controlling customers is therefore only expected to become larger and more complex. Prepare for the new reality.

Kristoffer Gundersen, System Consultant

Case Management can and should be digitised (NO)

How is the digitisation of your Case Management going? Core processes often have huge untapped digital potential. Think big but start focused. Accelerate Case Management with Nobly.

Simon Guldager, Technical Evangelist & Co-Founder

Efficient handling of data, cases and processes in a fully automated everyday life (DK)

Today, many organizations sit on data in their platform that needs to be used both inside and outside of the system that holds the information. In many cases, this results in duplication of data or processes that could be more efficient. Learn how our customers and systems achieve efficient case management, exchange data between systems and initiate new processes fully automatically. Visualize and exchange the data that already exists in the systems in an efficient manner.

Walter Ariesen, Nobly Solution Specialist

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) – explorer the capabilities within OnBase (DK)

Having established a strong digital business platform, it’s natural to look for additional efficiency sweet spots. Don’t waste more time. Focus on all your contracts – from agreements with vendors and customers to employees and shareholders. OnBase can embrace all the phases in contract management – from creating the document, collaborating/negotiating, review/approve, execute, and comply with obligations and other policies, expiration to amendment management. Same platform, same technology, same approach. Transform your contracts and gain immediately savings and boost productivity.

Case stories day 2

Thomas Vinther, Partner, Devoteam

Presentation focusing on the trends we in Devoteam see in the ECM area.

The presentation will focus on how we see a movement away from ECM only supporting the classic core processes to seeing ECM system as a process platform used to support more and more processes in the organization, including customer-facing processes. Such a move places new demands on the implementing organisation, on the collaboration between customer and supplier and on the involvement of users in the implementation. In the presentation, Devoteam will give their views on this as well as a number of additional trends that are expected to become prevalent in the future of ECM.

Michael E Nielsen, Team Leader and Application Manager & Peter Thomsen, Department Director, Velliv

Presentation from one of Denmark’s largest commercial pension companies, Velliv

In the presentation, Velliv will give an insight into their separation from Nordea (MOVE project) and the transition to a new IT infrastructure (Cloud first strategy), including the establishment of a new digital archive, which will play into Velliv’s strategy. To do this, they will focus on what the success criteria were for the project and what the overall objective was. In addition, the presentation will illustrate where Velliv is going with OnBase, and how previous manual processes have been digitized and automated. Velliv will share their thoughts on choosing a supplier and their experiences of what is important to look for in a supplier. Til sidst vil oplægget fokusere på implementeringen af løsningen, hvordan det helt konkret eksekveres, samt gevinsterne heraf.

Aleksander Bye, Business Analyst, Danica Pensjonsforsikring

Presentation on the path to automation and efficiency with a focus on customer experience

Danica Pensjonsforsikring Norway will highlight the challenges they faced with extensive AML requirements and talk about the path to automation and efficiency, where customer experience and quality have been leading goals.
Regardless of the complexity of a process, improvements are possible. Danica Norway combines systems and good people to handle complex cases and high volume. At the same time, the goal is for the customer to experience the process as good and reassuring. Danica Norway will also share experiences made after the launch of the first version of the system solution, where the potential for improvement can be found, as well as new and better ways to solve the challenges.


Nobly Talks partners

At Nobly Talks, participants will have the opportunity to talk to three strategic suppliers from Signicat, Hugin and Devoteam respectively. Their services and solutions click directly into the case management solution of the future. From using machine learning and working with uncertainties to digital security and trusting conversations in a digital world, and implemented with an eye on people in change.

Authentication of individuals is crucial for a secure and trustful dialogue, and Signicat is Europe’s leading provider of Digital Identity solutions. Signicate’s mission is to provide technology that enables individuals, businesses and public institutions to trust each other in the digital world. During Nobly Talks you can learn more about the possibilities to support dialogue and information exchange through document signing, digital identity assurance and digital document signing. In Denmark, Signicat was the first certified MitID broker, and Signicat offers, among other things, the solutions that MitID provides.

Hugin has developed a graphical modelling tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence to help companies and organisations make decisions under uncertainty. This can be for example in relation to fraud, credit risk, optimisation of error handling and in many other aspects. The applications are endless and the network technology can be embedded in all kinds of core systems. It gives companies, with many different systems and solutions, the opportunity to work with probabilities in an efficient way and thereby make better decisions on a daily basis. Over time, the many small but right decisions made every day yield huge results, for example on the bottom line, customer satisfaction and cash flow management.

The consultancy Devoteam helps companies and organisations to prepare for the digital future by focusing on the organisation’s processes. The trend is to view processes from a platform mindset, where processes and tasks are linked together. This can be both internally, but also in relation to external systems. The strategy makes a number of new demands from the implementation in the organisation to the cooperation between customer and supplier. All to provide an even better customer experience.


28. & 29.

Day 1

11:30Nobly insight
12:45Introduction to speed dating sessions
13:00Speed dating sessions
13:30Speed dating sessions
14:00Speed dating sessions
14:30Cake and networking
15:15Speed dating sessions
15:45Speed dating sessions
16:15Keynote speak
17:00Wraping up
18:00Gathering in the lobby

Day 2

09:30Good morning
10:00Case story 1 (Devoteam)
10:40Case story 2 (Velliv)
11:20Case story 3 (Danica Pensjonsforsikring)
12:00Wrapping up
12:30Safe journey home

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