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Personalization of customer communication

The financial sector is undergoing major changes with new payment solutions, increased legislation, and fluctuating customer loyalty. The challenges sharpen the focus on streamlining the sector, and in this connection there is great potential in automating customer communication. Create relevance, presence, and accessibility with customers by digitalizing and personalizing the company’s external communication.

Strengthen customer relations

Any form of customer communication is a crucial opportunity to strengthen the company’s relationship with customers. But it can be a challenge to create clear communication that is targeted directly to the individual customer. It is an important task that often requires a lot of resources. Fortunately, this is affordable, and at Nobly we have the ideal solution for efficient and accurate customer communication.

Big savings on resources

All companies in the financial sector must be compliant with the provisions of the Money Laundering Act. To meet the legal requirements to prevent money laundering, financial companies need to spend a lot of resources on communicating with their customers. With a fully digitized and integrable communication platform, the company can minimize errors in customer communication and increase customer loyalty. The company centralizes all communication templates and keeps all guidelines updated, so that the correct information is always used in the external communication. Customizing templates does not require developer or IT-resources, and employees can easily and quickly configure the necessary changes to the templates directly in Microsoft Word.

3 things you need to pay close attention to

Customers in the financial sector are increasingly demanding efficient communication and case-management, and a configurable CCM (Customer Communications Management) solution is the obvious solution to this complex and time-consuming work process.

If your company does not already have a configurable CCM-solution, there is a heavy manual task in producing templates for customer communication from scratch, where even small changes often require external involvement of busy and expensive developers or IT-resources.

The entire payment system is undergoing major structural challenges. It can be a time-consuming challenge to update ongoing changes in internal guidelines or external regulations in customer communication because the necessary data is often located around the company or even in separate and/or external data sources.

Targeted customer communication made easy

Good customer communication is about communicating directly and clearly to its customers. That, of course, is easier said than done. At Nobly, we are experts in implementing Customer Communications Management (CCM), where we use Hyland’s flagship Content Composer. The system was originally developed for use in the banking sector and makes it simple to create and maintain accurate and personalized customer communications.

Easy transition to your new communication platform

Content Composer is integrable with a wide range of systems. For example, the platform works with the Office suite, where Microsoft Word is used to create and correct the templates. This makes the adaptation to Content Composer smooth. Content Composer also makes it possible to import data from many databases and applications simultaneously, so that the work with communication becomes easy and convenient. It is also possible to correct data as well as data models in the template structure.

Integrating Content Composer into your business will be the end of impersonal mass communication and the start of personalized customer communication. All without your business being drained of time and money. In other words, Content Composer is a simple and strategic solution for achieving increased efficiency and customer satisfaction, which thereby lowers costs and increases revenue, so that your business becomes even more competitive.

Specialists in the industry

Nobly are experts in information management and customer communication. We know the issues that our customers often face, and at the same time we are good at challenging our customers so that they can lift their business even more with the help of our solutions.

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