World-class VNA for enhanced image control, management, and information sharing

Nobly’s VNA solution (Vendor Neutral Archive) is a powerful image processing system, designed for handling medical images from many different health areas, which ensures an optimal patient overview with all necessary details.

A central archive for all types of medical image data

The individual departments of a hospital often have their very own requirements in relation to the image types and image data that need to be handled. It is therefore not uncommon to have different types of systems, each speaking their own language. This means that information is often scattered across different archives, making information sharing difficult. At the same time, it challenges ensuring that the necessary data and information are available to the right person at the right time.

Acuo VNA is a powerful imaging platform that solves the challenge by consolidating all types of imagery and relevant information across all departments. It ensures trouble-free access to the right image data from all healthcare IT systems.

GDPR-compliance and easy access to image information

Aggregation and aggregation of different PACS, with the possibility of separating access and ownership, ensures compliance with GDPR. Efficient image search across sources and types, with the ability to define user-specific search configurations, makes VNA an effective tool in a busy day.

When images from different departments are shared across specific IT-systems, there are often challenges associated with patient data and the exchange of information between the systems. VNA transforms patient information and relevant metadata so that it is automatically adapted to the requirements of the various systems while preserving the original formatting.

Benefits of Acuo VNA

Central image archive and central administration of all image material from all specialist departments ensures that images and information are always available.

Avoid costly and time-consuming PACS migrations for future data migrations.

Higher quality and better efficiency with workflow optimization that intelligently directs relevant image data for diagnostic interpretation.

The right partner

By integrating VNA technology, full ownership and control of image data is achieved regardless of source, and the built-in migration tools provide optimal flexibility for future expansions. Consolidation of hardware, software, support, maintenance and operation of a central image archive also provides major cost savings each year.

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