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Make better insurance decisions and deal with claims faster. Help your customers get back on their feet, back to work, and back to everyday life faster than they ever imagined. Nobly’s insurance software solutions complement your core business systems and give employees a complete overview of the information they need, when and where they need it.

Improved customer experience with shorter case processing

An increasing time consumption on claims in the insurance industry has a direct impact on increased costs. An excessive degree of manual processes affects case processing time, which is crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty in a highly competitive industry. Insurance companies must therefore continuously evaluate new and innovative approaches to claims handling.

Minimize errors and
increase flexibility

It is becoming more and more difficult to handle all the answers and information received in the insurance industry. Often it is necessary to collect information from different sources so many tasks come in the process. When a large part of the work process depends on people, it can also give rise to errors. By automating the processes, you can minimize errors and at the same time increase the flexibility for the customers, because they can report an injury when it suits them.

Benefits of Nobly’s digital claims solutions

Increases productivity by reducing the need to search for information across multiple data sources/systems, as well as obtaining information from external data sources.

Ensures that tasks are performed on time with automated messages built into the workflow to manage tasks and diary alerts.

Improves compliance through greater visibility, audit capability and compliance with internal controls through empowerment rules and division of tasks.

Reduces case processing time with instant access to all case information.

Allows automatic or ad hoc generation of correspondence that requires specific legal wording or criteria-based generation.

Facilitates the management of authority level, competencies, type of damage or other business rules.

Makes the damage process simple

If you choose to integrate our software solution, you can increase your productivity by minimizing the need for manual retrieval of information across several different platforms, so you can optimize and automate your workflows. Our solution for handling damage processes collects and processes all the necessary information, so the process becomes smooth and simple.

This thereby provides a comprehensive overview of all information about the customer and the insurance case, while manual repetitive tasks are automated. That way, the caseworkers will eventually be freed up more time for high-value tasks.

Automation eases the burden

The claim management software provides access to all documents and information about a claim using an interface for all claim contents, regardless of its origin or format. After implementing the digital claim process solution, it is possible to accelerate claim handling, especially those reported online, from days to hours. It enhances the customer experience and gives you a big head start in a competitive market.

When you receive a simple damage report, such as a bicycle theft or spectacle damage, an automated process will be initiated. The automated process handles everything from assignment of work tasks, generation of information letters and assessment of the notification. Our digital claim process solutions thus alleviate challenges with long case processing of insurance claims. The solution handles all stages of damage, from construction, quick assessment and calculation as well as settlement.

on the market

At Nobly, we are some of the market’s leading specialists in digitalization and automation of claim processes in the insurance industry. We are also experts in integrating our solutions into your existing IT system. Nobly’s digital claim process solutions are easily integrated with claim systems such as Duck Creek, Guidewire and Tia, completing the customer information display and reducing claim processing time and increasing efficiency. If you enter a collaboration with us, you can therefore safely sit back and let the results speak their own language.

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