Digital medical case

Digitization of the management and processing of medical cases ensures fast and accurate claims management

With Nobly’s digital medical case solution, it is possible to digitize and automate parts of the claims process. The solution reduces the administrative burden by minimizing manual process control, and it strengthens the efficiency and profitability, which frees up resources for other important tasks.

Minimize risks and create fast workflows

Using digital tools and data makes the process more efficient and minimizes the risk of errors. In addition, rapid processing of medical cases helps to reduce the total claims costs and create greater customer satisfaction. Digitized medical treatment with process flows tailored to each medical specialty minimizes risks of errors and delays that can cause interest payments and increased claims costs.

Nobly’s ‘Digital Medical Case’ is a quick form for creating a medical case with all the necessary documents gathered in one place, and with predefined standard questions, the solution can speed up the process significantly. At the same time, the solution enables fast and efficient communication between the claims handlers and internal- medical and dental consultants.

Benefits of the ‘Digital Medical Case’

Digitalizes all documents, image and X-ray files.

Accelerates communication without unnecessary delays.

Increases the flexibility of doctors and dentists who can work where they want and when they want.

Streamlines task management and makes it transparent, which ensures timely and fast processing of the case.

Ensures compliance and particularly compliance with the GDPR.

Manageble dashboard

If you choose to implement our solution ‘Digital medical case’, it opens up the possibility of using a dashboard for efficient case management. That way, bottlenecks and delays do not occur. Insight cases can also be handled easily and quickly in the solution.

Functionality in a class of its own

Digitalization of medical cases makes it possible to submit a case to several doctors at the same time. The claims handler also has access to a built-in question frame, so you can select questions via a dropdown menu. In addition, a number of requirement fields ensure compliance with both standard and business rules.

A natural choice

If you are looking for a solution that sets new standards for quality and speed in the processing of medical cases, then Nobly’s ‘Digital medical case’ is an obvious choice.

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