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Nobly is doing well and we are constantly looking for new colleagues

When you apply for a position at Nobly, you become part of a workplace where well-being has a significant place on the agenda and where orderliness towards customers is an indispensable premise. We are actively aware of creating value with our customers and go the extra mile to ensure the best customer experience.

When we select a candidate for Nobly, we of course look at whether our future colleague has the basic professional prerequisites to be able to contest the job. But the most important thing is that the passion, commitment, and drive to want to work within the professional area in which you are applying for a position, is top notch.

Are you going to be our new colleague?

Some of Nobly’s positions are so unique professionally that, regardless of experience, it requires training. Therefore, you can also apply unsolicited, even if your specific competencies or qualifications are not necessarily the ones we are looking for. In this context, you should know that we pay special attention to how your professional passion is expressed, as well as why you have chosen to apply with exactly us. Regardless of your experience, we always aim to work meaningfully with both customers and internally. We abide by our agreements and deliver quality in everything we do.

Go happy to work

We place equal emphasis on whether you as a human match Nobly’s social life and healthy dynamics. We cherish a culture where we help and give ourselves time for each other. It is crucial for us to be happy at work. We create job satisfaction together. This means that while being a good, trusting, and credible workplace is high on Noble’s agenda, we also have an expectation that you as an employee understand your own responsibility and seek help if necessary. This responsibility is expressed in our values, where in addition to responsibility, we also have a culture of honesty and good mood.

A house with broad competencies

At Nobly, we have several different functions and departments that are always open to new competencies and qualifications. The majority of our workforce consists of system consultants who provide quality and presence to the customer on a daily basis in the form of understanding and strengthening their business and competitiveness through the digitalization of critical workflows. For this, Nobly uses the information platform OnBase from Hyland as a power center. However, our customers may have specific requirements for their individual solution, and therefore we have a department of developers who, in collaboration with the system consultants, work in an independent team. The support department also collaborates with both system consultants and developers. In addition to the production department of Nobly, we also have a sales department, project management team, finance department, and HR.

You are welcome to apply to all of our locations: Aarhus (head quarters), Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.