Customer communication

Customer communication is an important part of the equation

As consumers, we know when customer service doesn’t work, and vice versa. But it’s hard to put two lines under what a good customer service experience exactly consists of. One thing is for sure though: Communication is part of the equation. Not necessary the spoken word, but that the customer’s interactions with the company are captured, remembered, and used when the situation calls for the moment.

In addition, customer service is also about thinking through the situation and designing the experience so that the customer feels valued, heard and respected. Basically, nothing should be left to chance. All the elements should be designed, placed, and played out in the right way for the customer – prior to the interaction itself.

It places great demands on the company’s ability to anticipate and understand how customers choose to interact with the company.

OnBase is basically an archive where everything can be stored. This creates the right conditions for the company to remember all the details about the customers, whether it is images, light, text, video, etc. All relevant material and data about the customer can be collected in OnBase, and because OnBase is also created for high security and compliance with the many requirements for data protection, OnBase is also the ideal platform for end users.

In addition, the technological OnBase platform is open – i.e., the archive can interact with other solutions. Information from other systems can be retrieved, validated and combined with information from the archive, thus completing the customer communication itself. This can be done completely automatically, prior to the actual sending of the communication, but it can also be done if the customer, for example, wants information displayed on a portal.

The message itself can be sent on many different media, depending on which media the customer may have expressed a preference for. Be it everything from paper/print to SMS/emails or even a portal where the customer basically serves himself, and in that way draws on the desired communication.

The way to assemble and put together the communication is simple and straightforward in OnBase. Typically, the company wants to create templates for communication, where each template serves a specific purpose with the dialogue.

Templates can be created by users using Microsoft Word and writing or compiling the information in the message to the customer. The fields from selected data sources are inserted in the template together with the plain text. The document is saved as a template and can now be used for the customer dialogue.

The content can, of course, be personalized for each customer and integrated into a well-thought-out case flow or customer journey. This way, communication to individual customers can be automated and sent at the perfect time—or the message can be sent when the company’s employees wish to do so.

In addition to the many customer service benefits, the platform can further provide companies with huge savings in the form of optimized process flows and far fewer errors.

With OnBase, customer dialogue and service go hand in hand with high user satisfaction and productivity.