Advanced Capture

OnBase Capture collects documents and information directly from the source

The Capture tools in OnBase are designed to collect and read all your relevant documents and data into one system, thus eliminating time-consuming manual processes and erroneous data input.

Completely independent of document format and location, OnBase collects your documents and relevant information directly from the source. OnBase then organizes the information in a manageble system with the least possible use of employee involvement.

Whether data is on paper or electronically, OnBase collects all file types and quickly reads the necessary information, and automatically forwards this to all other relevant systems.

Scanned paper documents:

OnBase Capture collects everything, from a single page to thousands of documents, directly from the source. It saves time, staff resources, and minimizes handling costs.

Efficient import of electronic documents and information:

OnBase Capture automatically reads electronic documents in their original format, directly from the applications you use in your everyday life. Everything from CAD files to MS Office documents, emails, and PDF files. OnBase works with all file formats. You can also use your mobile devices to quickly upload photos and other information, whether you are online or not.

Extracting data from your documents:

Once OnBase has collected the relevant documents, the desired data is extracted from the document page, validated against existing information and shared with other relevant systems in the organization. It saves a lot of time compared to manual data input. The extracted data is used to automatically index documents in OnBase, making them easily accessible.