Guidewire integration

Let OnBase create a complete overview of the customers and reduce the implementation times

Most insurance companies can typically only see a fraction of the customer information they need to establish a new policy or process a claim. By adapting the company’s Guidewire strategy with the OnBase content services platform, the company can get a complete overview of customers – and reduce implementation times by almost 50 percent.

By integrating OnBase with Guidewire, whether it’s Guidewire ClaimCenter’, Guidewire PolicyCenter’, Guidewire BillingCenter’, or the full Guidewire InsuranceSuite’, the company will make life easier for its employees and help them provide better customer service.

How does it work?
It starts when OnBase collects and stores policy-related data electronically by linking them to associated damage data and policy information in Guidewire. Then employees can instantly access these documents in Guidewire, which improves the decision-making process and eliminates the need to search multiple applications, file folders or paper registers.

When OnBase and Guidewire work together:

  • The insurance company’s dependence on paper reduces
  • Manual errors from employees are reduced
  • Secure file sharing is promoted and
  • Coherent information is provided to create unique customer service

Fast integration and implementation
With OnBase, insurance companies get an information platform (Enterprise Content Management solution) approved by Guidewire. Specially built-in accelerators for the full Guidewire InsuranceSuite solution help speed up integration and implementation, often by up to six months.

Hyland’s dedicated technical support team for Guidewire customers, offering deep Guidewire-specific knowledge and experience, ensures a smooth transition from testing users’ acceptance to taking the solution live and to day-to-day operations.

A team effort
Hyland supports a Guidewire-focused development team working hand in hand with Guidewire’s development department. The results are stronger integrations and product enhancements. The company also has a Guidewire-focused implementation and technical service team. The team has the singular mission of delivering consistent results during implementations and upgrades.

The result? Best practice and exemplary service standards.