IT support

We are your technical backing

We are our customers’ trusted sparring partner, architect, and project manager on major IT projects. But just as often, we serve as the technical backbone for both large and small daily challenges, where stress levels can reach dangerously high levels and there is a need for IT support

At Nobly, our team is made up of a unique combination of experienced developers and skilled consultants who know what challenges our customers face on a daily basis. Infrastructure, application servers, firewalls, back up, mail servers … We know the systems and routines. And we know when to “just” put out a fire and when to challenge customers on their existing workflows and technologies.

Our employees are all highly trained specialists, who take pride in always being up to date with the latest knowledge in hardware and software, and who do not hesitate to apply it in practice where it optimizes and future-proofs a workflow and creates value.

Hyland / OnBase certifications held by Nobly:

  • OnBase Certified Installer (OCI)
  • OnBase Certified Workflow Engineer (OCWE)
  • OnBase WorkView Certification (OCWV)
  • OnBase Certified Application Programming Interface (OCAPI)