Streamlined workflows with powerful BPM-tools

OnBase is a flexible and scalable Business Process Management (BPM) platform that brings together the management of processes, documents and data in a single system, so that all information flows freely through the organization.

Process delays, data silos, and the number of unavailable documents are minimized and repetition tasks are automated. All to support employees in making informed decisions and spending time on value-creating tasks.

With the OnBase BPM-tools, you can build content-based and content-enabled applications that can evolve and grow with your organization. You can quickly create tailor-made solutions for your specific business challenges, without the use of costly programming and external consultants:

Manage documents:

Work electronically and efficiently with ALL your data, regardless of format. Users can search for documents themselves, while making the most of the digital folders and file structures. You can easily manage revisions and versions, sign electronically or automatically generate documents to be sent to customers or partners.

Manage processes:

Reduce process time and increase employee productivity. OnBase automates predictable tasks while verifying data discrepancies and delivering manual approvals to the right person at the right time.

Use OnBase to send notifications, allow approvals from mobile devices, or manage workloads. It increases efficiency and the processes are kept running automatically without manual monitoring.

Manage data:

Create modern, data-centric case-management- and processing applications with OnBase and let them replace old databases, shared spreadsheets and systems based on outdated technology.

OnBase minimizes the need for special programming or standard “off-the-shelf” solutions for tasks within e.g., HR-onboarding, supplier management or investigation of fraud.
You can also grant end users security-controlled access to any data, documents, tasks, or dialogs that support a customer, case, or project. All via one user-friendly interface in OnBase.