Who’s Nobly?

Europe’s leading OnBase consulting firm

It takes strong digital tools to be at the forefront. At Nobly, we are experts in information management, and link information and processes together in a strong network across the entire business.

Nobly is a Scandinavian IT- and consulting company, founded in 2011, with offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.

Nobly delivers business-critical digitalization solutions primarily to customers in the banking, finance, pension and insurance sectors as well as the public sector as either Cloud or on-premise solutions.

Nobly is one of Europe’s most talented consulting houses on the OnBase platform from American Hyland, which is rated by Gartner Group as the best Content Service solution on the market. Nobly are experts in Content Service, and we help customers all the way in their decision-making process from the initial preparation of a value-creating business plan to the turnkey implementation, and subsequently we provide operation and support.

Customer value

Our customers must see, use and perceive technology as a tool to achieve unique results. By daily pushing the boundaries of our customers’ degree of digitalization, and their display of data for use in both customer and patient experiences – but also collaboration in the organization – technology, processes and learning are anchored in both an innovative and basic way.


We strive to have the most skilled employees, the best competencies, and a high delivery quality, which means that we can deliver the market’s best content service solutions.

We want to develop our business and services in line with customers’ current- and future needs. Therefore, we constantly challenge and improve our own technological competencies and strive to be at the forefront of development, in order to offer the best solutions.

By possessing a very deep knowledge of our customers’ situation and challenges, we can target our advice and solutions in technology so that our customers’ visions, IT-projects, and daily use of technology are not only connected, but better anchored in the organization’s processes, create better experiences for users and customers, and appear financially profitable.

We want to build a professional organization and have a professional approach to running customer projects, so that we can continuously deliver the market’s best solutions, be predictable, and deliver the good quality. This ensures a high level of customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, which forms the foundation for Nobly’s justification, sustainability, and performance measurement.

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