Mission, vision, and values


We help larger companies to be compliant and efficient, by digitalizing and streamlining their content and information as well as optimizing their workflows, and thereby creating value for them and their customers.

We strive to be the natural first choice for financial institutions and the healthcare sector in the Nordic region.


We want to be the market leader in consulting and delivery of Content Service solutions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and we want to be the natural first choice for larger companies in primarily Banking, Finance & Insurance and the Public Healthcare Sector, who want to digitize and streamline their business.

  1. We create value for customers and we go the extra mile to ensure the best customer experience.
  2. We work purposefully, comply with agreements internally and externally, and we strive to deliver good quality in everything we do.
  3. Responsibility, honesty, and good humor are the basis of our collegial and collaborative work environment.